General Infection Testing

The differentiation between a viral and a bacterial infection is a common challenge for general practitioners and pediatricians. We provide a fast, low-cost and minimally invasive blood test to help physicians decide if an antibiotic treatment is necessary.

Specific Infection Testing

Based on our proprietary technology we are developing a cartridge to distinguish between different bacterial pathogens for selection of the most effective antibiotic. Instead of waiting days for blood test results, our device will deliver the identity of the pathogens within minutes.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Diagnostics

An estimated 10 million people will die by 2050 due to antimicrobial resistance (AMR). To fight AMR, antibiotic prescriptions must be reduced in general and only the most effective antibiotic for a specific bacterial infection should be prescribed. Rapid diagnostic tests must be developed to identify antibiotic-resistant microbes. We will provide physicians with the information they need to make the best therapeutic choice.


Science and Exploration

Are you interested in determining optical properties of fluids? Do you want to image cells? Are you thinking about analyzing liquid samples in outer space? Do you need a quick blood test during your exploration trip in remote areas? Then the  Minilab is right for you.

Academic Research Projects

Do you want to test innovative biomarkers or analytes with our technology? Are you interested in imaging blood cells or other cell types? Would you like to validate new antibodies for your studies? Then contact us. We  provide attractive terms and conditions for students and academic researchers.

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