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Our fluidlab R-300 is a perfect example of combining the techniques of microscopy and spectrometry into one handheld, portable device. The holographic microscopy allows cell counts and cell viability assessments to be performed without the need for any staining, while the spectrometer can be used to support a range of production process steps. Sign up for a  free test period and help us to gather new insights. Our team will contact you shortly. 

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  • Automated Cell Count
  • Staining Free Viability Measurements
  • Extinction & Kinetics (375-700 nm)


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Need more information? Here are the benefits:


Cell Counter: cell concentration and viability, cell size distribution & reconstructed holographic images

  • Automated cell counting for cells between 3-80 µm
  • Staining-free viability for cells between 8-80 µm
  • Small sample volume of 4, 10 or 20 µL
  • Get your results within 20 seconds


Spectrometer: full visible spectrum from 375 nm to 700 nm

  • Absorption and scatter light measurements for colorimetric and turbidimetric assays
  • Automated kinetic measurements with up to 500 measurement points and fixed interval (e.g. for enzymatic reactions)
  • Generation and use of calibration curves for rapid concentration determination 
  • Accurate measurements with SD < 1 percent

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