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Meet our CEO: Felix Lambrecht

07.11.2022 //

Press Release: anvajo closes Series A

18.10.2022 // In October 2022 the team around anvajos CEO Dr. Felix Lambrecht was able to close the Series A financing round with €17.7 mio.

1st International Distributor Meeting

26.09.2022 //

CHO cells: The most used cell lines in biotechnological production

13.07.2022 // Learn what CHO cells are, what added value they have for biotechnological production, and why they are the most commonly used cell line for this purpose. ► Read now!

Urine microscopy: The importance of the analysis process and its challenges

27.06.2022 // Learn what urine microscopy is, what value it has in veterinary practice and how it can be performed. ► Read now!

Extinction: measurement methods and application areas

02.06.2022 // With the fluidlab R-300 spectrometer from anvajo you can measure absorbances quickly, precisely and from any location. In addition, you can save a lot of workspace. ► Get informed now!

How are calibration curves created and what information can they provide?

04.05.2022 // The creation of calibration curves is a common method in the laboratory to determine the concentration of a substance. For this purpose, the curves are usually created manually on the computer and the concentration is calculated using a formula. With the fluidlab R-300 you can display the curve and the concentration directly after the measurement - completely automatic, test yourself!

HEK cells: Origin, structure and use of human embryonic kidney cells in research

04.04.2022 // HEK cells are used in virology and pharmacy, but are also used in cell research. Now they can be analyzed even more easily and quickly with the fluidlab.

User Interview: Cellaria

09.03.2022 // Cellaria produces in vitro models that reflect a patient's individual disease. This requires, among other things, regular cell counting. In this interview, Dr. Shvartsman tells us how this worked with the fluidlab compared to manual cell counting, what other features of the device were tested and how it performed.

User Interview: Brewery Zwettler

11.02.2022 // Interview: The Zwettler private brewery has been brewing beer since it was founded in 1708. Despite the tradition, it has managed to innovate the brewing process in a contemporary way with the automated fluidlab R-300. How? Johannes Seper reveals in this interview.