Devices, Carrier and Software

fluidlab R-300

Make use of spectrometry and digital microscopy in one device!

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vet fluidlab 1

Perform rapid urine sediment testing!

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Proprietary sample carrier for the fluidlab!

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Get direct access to your raw data!

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anvajo is a developer and manufacturer of point-of-care solutions for laboratory diagnostics, providing accurate devices, multifunctional sample carrier systems and robust software suites.
anvajo’s innovative devices combine a miniaturized spectrometer with a digital microscope, catering for point-of-need diagnostics in various industries. Target samples include amongst others, blood, urine, sperm and water. Test pre-analytics are supported by a system of dedicated sample carriers, which process and deliver the fluid to be analysed.
Central areas of application include human and veterinary medicine, environmental analysis and research. anvajo’s robust software suites have been especially designed for scientists and researchers, allowing direct access to raw data and enabling clinical and scientific advance.