1st International Distributor Meeting

What was on the agenda?

The first International Distributor Meetup, organized by anvajo, took place on the 15th and 16th of September 2022 in our headquarters in Dresden. The aim of this event was to further train and educate our international distributors in the following topics:

  • Understanding and presenting the full capabilities of our fluidlab R-300 device
  • Effectively marketing the device to the correct audience and
  • Making efficient sales

The first day

On the first day, Dr. Benjamin Usai, our Key Account Manager and host of the event, welcomed our guests in our large seminar room. The distributors were re-introduced to our handheld labdevice, the fluidlab R-300 and its function as both a cell counter and a spectrometer. This was followed by a presentation of our company’s future plans and an introduction to the next generation of devices that are currently in development. Afterwards, our guests had the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour of our anvajo headquarter, where they saw first-hand where the conceptualization and materialization of our innovative ideas happens.

At noon, we shared a fulfilling lunch with our guests and allocated some time for informal discussions accompanied by coffee and tea. The highlight of the event was the hands-on exploration of the cell counter and viability assessment functions of our fluidlab R-300, broken down into simple tasks. This was done to cultivate empathy in our distributors towards the difficulties our customers might face and increase problem solving efficiency. Integral help in this effort was provided by Dr. Anastasios Koutsoumparis (Product Manager), Dr. Sarah Matko (Team Lead Bio Analytics), Daniela Lascu (Laboratory Assistant) and Jill Reinhardt (Laboratory Assistant) who guided and assisted each distributor individually with their fluidlab R-300 experiment. The day ended with a dinner at a nearby restaurant where our visitors had the opportunity to get in touch with the city of Dresden, as well as the traditional gastronomy of Saxony.

The second day

On the second day, early in the morning, Dr. Usai hosted a Q&A session about the experience of the previous day and the challenges of the cell counting and viability assessment experiments conducted. Useful feedback was exchanged, as Dr. Usai and Dr. Koutsoumparis answered any queries and remaining questions of our guests. Afterwards, Dr. Usai presented the topic of “Sales strategy & Best practices for the fluidlab R-300”, an insightful presentation on our methods of identifying potential customers and providing a solution to their needs with our fluidlab R-300. The day concluded with a hands-on exploration of the spectrometer function of the fluidlab R-300. The distributors were tasked with experimenting with the “Extinction”, “Kinetics” and “Calibration curve” functions of the device. Once again, with the assistance of Dr. Koutsoumparis, Dr. Matko and Ms. Reinhardt who tended to the individual needs of our distributors, we were able to holistically educate and motivate them to trust and consequently sell the portable fluidlab R-300 in a more efficient way. Finally, the lunchtime with laid-back conversations was followed with a heartwarming farewell and a gift of anvajo goodies as a token of appreciation towards our guests.

We are proud to have hosted distributors from all over the globe e.g. Japan, Denmark, Hungary and of course Germany and receive such useful input on our work and our device. Naturally, this meeting was the starting point of a more “personal” communication with each of our distributors. We are thankful for the comments we received, which make us grow and keep us motivated to continuously update our products. We look forward to organizing more such events, with fruitful collaborations, in the future!

A special gift from Japan

After a 20 hours trip from Japan, our partner Taiga did not come empty handed but with a treasure: the album book in celebration of the 50 years of the Waken B tech company. In such collaborations we trust to bring innovation and market expertise even closer.