The anvajo datalab is a desktop application specially developed for scientists and researchers. It allows direct access to raw data collected with the fluidlab R-300.

This is datalab.

Professional software for researchers and scientists

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  • Intuitive application
  • Easy data export


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  • A modern desktop client to access and export any data acquired with the fluidlab R-300
  • Comprehensive overview of all the measurements stored on the fluidlab R-300
  • Simple preview of selected measurements for data evaluation
  • Easy export of your measurement results for data documentation and post-processing
  • Firmware updates


The anvajo datalab enables the export of measurements acquired with the fluidlab R-300 (i.e. spectrometer, cell counter and viability measurements). Measurement results can be exported as Microsoft Excel® files. Moreover, holographic images, cell size distributions and extinction spectra can be exported as .png images.

The anvajo datalab is specifically designed to access and export data from the fluidlab R-300. The fluidlab R-300 needs to be updated to software version 20.34.01 (or higher) to connect to the anvajo datalab. Currently, the anvajo datalab can be installed on a Windows PC. To establish a connection between the PC and the fluidlab R-300, both devices have to be in the same network (WIFI or Hotspot).

Start the anvajo datalab on your PC and switch on the fluidlab R-300. Please make sure that your PC and fluidlab are in the same network (WIFI or Hotspot). If your fluidlab is connected to the same WIFI network as your PC, it should appear in the device list. Alternatively, it is possible to add your fluidlab manually by clicking the plus button and typing in the hostname of your fluidlab (e.g. fluidlab-000001). You find the number of your fluidlab on the back of the device and in the main system settings. If your fluidlab cannot connect to your WIFI network, it is possible to create a Hotspot on your fluidlab (Main Settings -> Hotspot). In that case, please connect your PC to the fluidlab Hotspot and establish a connection through the anvajo datalab as described above.

Please check the following steps:

  • The fluidlab R-300 is on and connected to the same network as your PC (WIFI or Hotspot).
  • The firmware of the fluidlab R-300 is up to date (at least version 20.34.01 is installed).
  • The hostname of the fluidlab R-300 was typed in correctly (i.e. fluidlab-000001). You find the hostname of your device in the main system setting of the fluidlab. Alternatively, try the IP address of your fluidlab to establish a connection. You find the IP address either in the WIFI settings (if connected to WIFI) or in the Hotspot settings (if Hotspot enabled).