Application Note biotech: Cell&Soft

The French biotech company Cell&Soft emerged from a joint project between LTM Lab (CNRS) and CEA and is based in the city of Grenoble.  

Their field of expertise is the development, production, and distribution of soft and biomechanical substrates for in vitro cell culture. Their MecaChips®, a new generation of cell culture devices, elaborated with innovative matrices. The devices can imitate the mechanical features of all soft tissues, thus mimicking the microenvironment in which, each cell evolves in vivo. Their culture plates are dedicated to cell culture and cancer research. which makes them an interesting scientific partner for anvajo.

Application Note

Cell counting is the cornerstone of cell biology. Accurate cell counting and cell viability can be assessed with a variety of methods, that range from manual cell-counting to complex instruments like flow cytometers.   To find out how powerful the fluidlab R-300, the 2-in-1 device with a fast cell counter, that can also measure viability, and a portable spectrometer is, Cell&Soft subjected it to a performance test in a s proof-of-concept study.  The results can be seen below.