Biotech Partner Meeting 2023

For us partner meetings are essential to connect with our partners and understand what they are doing and how. Therefore, the biotech business unit is having annual partner meetings with their international partners. This year’s meeting was scheduled for the 16th and 17th of March 2023 in Dresden, and we can promise you: It was fantastic!  


What did we do?

The first day of the partner meeting started with a welcome and opening words from our Key Account and Business Development Managers Lukas and Benjamin. The agenda for the day included discussions on "What's next for anvajo life science" and a guided company tour with our CTO Stefan, in which the partners also had the chance to get a better understanding of how the fluidlab R-300 is produced in the inhouse production line. Afterwards, there was a "hands on fluidlab R-300" session, where our participants got more insights into the portable lab device and especially into cell counting and viability measurements. In the evening everyone was invited for a walk through the Oldtown of Dresden and to a traditional German dinner.

The second day of the meeting began with a Q&A session on cell counting and viability as one can only learn through asking questions and especially for our scientists it is of higher importance to understand the struggles our customers have. After our Q&A session, we focused on the current sales strategy and best practices for the fluidlab R-300, supported with the second “hands on fluidlab R-300” session with this time spectrometry as one of the main topics. After a last joined lunch break all had to leave Dresden and head back to their own companies.



We had a blast! With lots of joint activities it was nice to get to know our partners on a more personal level, understand how they are working with our products and find ways to support them even more. We took a lot out of those two days and hope everyone was as happy to join as we were.   


With this in mind, a big thank you goes out to all the companies that attended: