Precision, speed and easy handling

Whether you want to analyze wastewater, process water, drinking water or beverages, the unique combination of spectrometry and digital microscopy allows you to perform these quantitative tests directly at the point-of-need.
During the analysis, in-process controls allow for quick, informed decisions to be made directly on site, thereby preventing adverse effects or contamination in the process chain.
The scope of our tests is continuously developed and validated for various parameters by internal and external scientists so that it meets the requirements of daily use.

A mobile laboratory for fast and precise quantitative analyses

Element 61


The anvajo fluidlab is the ideal solution for routine wastewater analysis. It can test, for example, its suitability for disposal or reuse in a variety of applications. It delivers quantitative results consistently and quickly; the optimum ratio between quality and economy combined in an intelligent, small handheld device.


Drinking Water & Beverages

A high content of heavy metals such as lead (Pb), copper (Cu), iron (Fe), nickel (Ni) and cadmium (Cd) in drinking water can have harmful effects on one's health. The intuitive fluidlab system from anvajo is capable of quantifying these elements and many more unwanted contaminants in beverages and water reservoirs, minimising the risk of poisoning and infection. The dual usage of a spectrometer and microscope enables the fluidlab to measure various fluid parameters with great accuracy and sensistivity. 

Element 62

Process Water

The robust fluidlab system meets the high demands of process water analysis. Various sample carriers allow the detection of impurities in process water that could potentially damage cooling and boiling water systems. The anvajo solution produces reliable and verifiable results that are comprehensively quality assured to a high standard of safety and sensitivity.

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