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Microscopic examination of urine is one of the most commonly performed and valued POC-tests in veterinary diagnostics. It is carried out to screen for and monitor diseases and conditions such as urinary tract infections or kidney disorders within animals.

With its state-of the art quantitative phase imaging technique the anvajo vet fluidlab 1 allows automated urine microscopy of uncentrifuged urine, thus enables veterinarians to perform immediate and more accurate diagnosis and treatment for their patients directly in the vet’s office.

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Full microscopic examination from less than one drop of urine sample – only 20 µL of fresh sample is required.


Direct measurement of native uncentrifuged urine samples minimizes occurrence of potential errors caused by sample processing and ensures high results accuracy and precision.

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Providing immediate and reproducible inhouse results in less time than external laboratories.

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Automated sample analysis eliminates subjective interpretation and nicely correlates with reference methods for more statistically reliable results.

Analyze all relevant urine components



Red Blood Cells



White Blood Cells



Epithelial Cells (Squamous, Non-Squamous)



Crystals (Calcium Oxalate dihydrate, Struvites, Unclassified)



Casts (Hyaline, Non-Hyaline)



Bacteria (flagging of suspected presence)

Technical specification of the vet fluidlab 1

Store results on the device or transfer them with the datalab

The vet fluidlab 1 is an independent, stand-alone device that requires no additional equipment. However, for easier processing of the results, the vet fluidlab 1 offers the possibility to export the measurements  using the anvajo datalab. The datalab is a free software from anvajo, which makes it easier to display the results on desktop devices. 

Older measurements can also be saved and exported as Excel-files, PDF reports or single images, so that the results can be stored long-term in patient records.




The vet fluidlab 1 supports proprietary glass sample carriers made by anvajo, ensuring optimal alignment of particles for accurate automatic urine microscopy.

The vet fluidlab 1 is delivered factory-calibrated and does not require any re-calibration. The device provides a quick and easy-to-perform solution for checking the sensor status on a regular basis to prevent biased results due to potential contamination.

The vet fluidlab 1 has an internal memory that can store at least 500 measurements. Via the start menu you have access to measurement results and can recall and edit them at any time. Alternatively you can transfer the measurements via the anvajo datalab to your computer.

Yes, you can transfer the measurement results with the anvajo datalab, which is a desktop application explicitly created for this device. It provides direct access to the raw data of any measurement acquired with the vet fluidlab 1. You can download it under the download section on this page.

Please ensure that you only connect the vet fluidlab 1 to trustworthy networks (Wi-Fi) that are protected by firewalls from unauthorized access from the internet. Make sure that data is only released and received with devices that are trustworthy and properly secured. anvajo does not collect personal data and is not responsible for the loss, interception or misuse of data sent or received by the wireless communication methods of the device.

If your vet fluidlab 1 is connected to the internet, the system automatically checks for software updates. If a new update is available, this is indicated by a green dot in the main menu. Open the main menu and select the menu item "Updates". If an update is available, you can install it. For a successful installation of the update the battery should be at least 50% charged. The updating process may take a few minutes. The installation is completed after an automatic restart of the system.

In constant operation mode the battery is indicated with appr. 2 hours and respectively 5 hours when in stand-by mode. Battery specifications depend on network configuration and many other factors. The battery life may vary depending on use and settings.

The measuring chamber can be cleaned using the cleaning swaps supplied. For persistent dirt, the cleaning sticks can be moistened with 99% isopropanol beforehand. In the following video the cleaning of the measuring chamber is explained in detail.

The device is not waterproof and should only be wiped dry with a soft microfibre cloth or a soft disposable paper cloth. The following video explains the cleaning of the device in detail.

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