Modular Adapter System

anvajo provides a variety of sample carrier systems for different types of applications within diagnostics. The fluidlab device adapts to microfluidic, mesofluidic and macrofluidic sample carriers using specifically designed slot adapters that enable smooth intake from slides to cuvettes. Scientists and researchers around the world are encouraged to co-develop custom sample carriers for their specific assays and applications. Please contact our responsible experts for further details on the usage and development of anvajos modular sample carrier system.

Our sample carrier portfolio at a glance


acella is a proprietary sample carrier format that uses a glass substrate. Its low sample chamber heights make the acella a perfect fit for microscopic applications such as cell counting or particle classification. Beyond that, this carrier is the optimal choice for spectrophotometric analyses of fluids with high optical densities such as whole blood.


  • acella 100: sample chamber height 100 µm, glass substrate
  • acella 50: sample chamber height 50 µm, glass substrate
  • acella 20: sample chamber height 20 µm, glass substrate


The acella 100 (100 µm chamber height and 20 µL volume) is the optimal multi-purpose slide for your cell counting and viability assessment. The smaller sizes 50 and 20 (with 10 µL and 4 µL, respectively), can be used if smaller volumes are needed or as an optimization choice for smaller cell types. However, please carefully check your cell count for linearity and correct results, as smaller chamber heights might interfere with cell sizes, viscosity due to adherent properties, and have of course different cut-offs.

Areas of application:

  • Microscopic analysis of particles in fluids
  • Spectrophotometric analysis of fluids with high optical densities

Examples of applications:

  • General cell counting and basic classification (yeast, HeLa, algea, stem cells, leukocytes)
  • General particle counting and basic classification
  • Haemoglobin in whole blood
  • Haematocrit in whole blood
  • Fluid condition monitoring, fluid cleanliness management

User groups:

  • Yeast: Scientists working in cell culture, assay development, breweries, craft beer brewer
  • HeLa: Scientists working in cell culture, oncology
  • Algae: biofuel production, algae food production
  • Stem cells: oncology, regenerative medicine
  • Leukocytes: GPs, Pediatric MDs



capila is a proprietary sample carrier that can be filled with various types of fluids to perform detailed spectrophotometric analyses. Nearly all types of reagents required for sample preparation purposes can be integrated by simply filling and sealing them inside the carrier. Among others, capila can be used by medical professionals for capillary blood infection testing at the point-of-care. Parameters such as CRP (C-reactive protein) and PCT (Procalcitonin)  will provide quantitative results within minutes allowing viral and bacterial infections to be differentiated and diagnosed. This will, in turn, minimise the unnecessary prescription of antibiotics.



evald is a proprietary sample carrier format for the anvajo fluid analysis platform. It is a polymeric chip that has the dimensions (except thickness) of a microscope slide. It contains 2 identical sample chambers which are available in different heights and mini-Luer connectors which allow inline (flow through) measurements.



  • evald 1000: sample chamber height 1000 µm, polymeric substrate, mini-Luer ports

Area of application:

  • Spectrophotometric analysis of fluids with low to medium optical densities
  • Spectrophotometric inline measurements, flow-through measurements

Examples of applications:

  • Spectrometric analysis (colorimetric, turbidimetric, refractive index) especially for flow-systems
  • Microscopic analysis of particles and cells at very low concentrations (also in a flow setting)
  • Inline-monitoring of fluidic systems
  • Fluid condition monitoring
  • Especially interesting for integrating our technology platform in other systems/devices (e.g. flow injection analyser)

User groups:

  • Scientists: inline-monitoring of fluidic experiments
  • Industry: inline-monitoring, fluid condition monitoring, hydraulics wear monitoring
  • Breweries: inline-monitoring, fluid condition monitoring



The cuvette format is one of the most popular sample carrier standards for fluid testing in laboratories worldwide. It is the sample carrier of choice for simple spectrophotometric measurements of fluids with low optical densities. Anvajo supports various cuvette formats.