Professional software for researchers and scientists

The anvajo imaging suite is a desktop application explicitly created for scientists and researchers. It provides direct access to the raw data of any test result providing instant access to clinical and scientific findings. This software suite enables and encourages users to develop their own test methods based on the anvajo technology platform.

The anvajo imaging suite in a nutshell

  • A modern and multi-functional desktop client based on the fluidlab platform that is suitable for all devices
  • Incorporates advanced microscopic and spectrophotometric analysis features (e.g. configuration of sensor settings, time series testing, ...)
  • Provides users with access to the fluidlabs raw data which can be exported to other tools (e.g. MATLAB, Excel, ...)
  • Provides additional fluidlab configuration options
  • Enables scientists to test many different types of fluids on the fluidlab device
  • Allows users to create their own test recipes for future distribution in specific markets

If you require further details about our software, please contact us.