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User Interview: Cellaria

09.03.2022 // Cellaria produces in vitro models that reflect a patient's individual disease. This requires, among other things, regular cell counting. In this interview, Dr. Shvartsman tells us how this worked with the fluidlab compared to manual cell counting, what other features of the device were tested and how it performed.

User Interview: Brewery Zwettler

11.02.2022 // Interview: The Zwettler private brewery has been brewing beer since it was founded in 1708. Despite the tradition, it has managed to innovate the brewing process in a contemporary way with the automated fluidlab R-300. How? Johannes Seper reveals in this interview.

User Interview: Research Group Ray at the Humboldt-University Berlin

14.12.2021 // Interview: The Ray working group at HU is working on the activation of oxygen. With the help of the fluidlab R-300, they are researching how oxygen activation can be used specifically for industry.

Monoclonal antibodies: cloned cell lines with multiple uses

05.12.2021 // Antibodies are important for a functioning immune system as well as for medical use and science. With fluidlab, they're even easier to analyze. ► Read more!

Innovative laboratory measuring instruments from

18.05.2021 // Innovative laboratory measuring instruments from anvajo: Perform location-independent & more efficient measurements in your daily laboratory routine! ► Inform now!

Fibroblasts and their role in research

17.05.2021 // What are fibroblasts? What is their importance in research into cancer therapies and anti-aging products? ► Learn more now!

What are HeLa cells?

11.05.2021 // Learn what HeLa cells are, what value they have for research, and how they can be analyzed. ► Read now!

Distributor Interview: Prizma Laboratory Products in Turkey

26.02.2021 // anvajos distributor Prizma Laboratory Products is one of the best providers for complete solutions in the turkish life science market. In our interview Prizmas sales and marketing director gives interesting insights how the cooperation works.

User interview: Dr Juliane Hannemann, UKE

03.02.2021 // In this interview Dr Juliane Hannemann gives us insight into the work of her research group on the topic of chronic diseases and how she is researching pulmonary hypertension in Chile with the help of the fluidlab R-300.

User interview: Prof. Shu-Chuan Liao, Taiwan University

19.11.2020 // In this interview Prof. Shu-Chuan Liao from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the national Taiwan University tells us about her work on E.coli with the fluidlab R-300 and what she especially liked about our cell counting device!